Thursday, January 14, 2016

Adam Driver

A few sketch pitches with him:

1: Kylo Ren in Kylo decides he needs an apprentice.  Either this is one of those startup intro videos where Kylo is the case study or Kylo is actively going on and clicking on different profiles.

2: Monologue: Lena Dunham comes out first to introduce her BFF, soaking up airtime. Adam asks what she’s doing. “This is for me, this is my turn, I’m Kylo Ren.” Or some version, where he comes out in the gear, uses the force to simply push her aside.  Then says how greatful he is to be there

3: Curio Shop Counter Salesperson:
Suavely selling things that look like they came from a garage sale, giving them historical/mythological importance. Selling things is an art. You must find what they want, who they are, settle desires.

4: Imogen Heap - Listening Chairs parody video:
This would just be something fun and weird to do, grabbing stuff in your apartment and singing about it happily/introspectively.

5: I want to be an astronaut (rap song): complete hyperbole either about being safe and able to do rad things after seeing the earth explode or coming back down to earth sharing secrets of the unknown.

Regular sketch pitches for the week:

North Korea: H bomb didn't really happen... Maybe a panelist conversation. What it could have been.

President of Universities Conference: "...and then the students asked if I cared" (everyone laughs). Anyway, how much did you raise tuition this yet?

Girl's Talk: Passive aggressive translator- "I like that shirt"

Bro Hunters: Two women on a mission to hunt down bros.  Go to a party, supposed "den of bros".  


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