Thursday, January 14, 2016

My goals are over-ambitious. Can I become a level 17 rock climbing gladiator / computer wizard dude with a pilot’s license? Absolutely. All of my goals are achievable but I give myself excuses or let things get in the way.  Ever heard of these: job, family, child, eating and sleeping? …ridiculous.  The list continues with less responsibility driven things such as videogames and drinking.  I like having a laundry list because it reminds me of the truth. Life is a Hydra. Cut one head off and more will emerge.  Life is perpetual. 

How to manage? Perhaps baby lists and baby steps (every time I see the phrase “baby steps” I imagine Bill Murray saying it from the movie What About Bob?) Ah, these are wonderful useful tools to cut down on the endlessness or the infinite into manageable slabs of action, time, and peace. Really I just wrote slabs because I like the image of all of these ideas being displayed like chunks of meat or something at a shop, all the pieces varying in price based on any number of things.  Perhaps all boiling down to economics: price and value. What do we afford and what do we indebt ourselves to? Another thought for a different day.  To each their own.  Today is about goals, these are mine for this year:


  1.     Write another movie script
  2.     Write a second-draft of my first movie script
  3.     Submit movie scripts to agent / contests
  4.     Have a weekly “Life” post on my blog
  5.     Have a weekly “Comedians” post on my blog
  6.     Have a weekly “Sketches” post on my blog
  7.     Write a comedy sketch a week
  8.     Produce / film comedy sketches once a month
  9.     Write / draw a semi regular comic strip loosely based on my life
  10.     Write a chapbook of poems
  11.     Submit poetry for publication
  12.     Write and perform standup comedy once or twice a month
  13.     Get paid to perform Standup
  14.     Get accepted at a comedy festival (particularly one in North Carolina)
  15.     Possibly write a children’s book
  16.     Podcast once or twice a month

  1.     Connect with thinkers / writers / doers
  2.     Meet new people on a constant basis
  3.     Applaud the works of others
  4.     Help others achieve their dreams
  5.     Read more / read better
  6.     This is a “me” year, a year of internal and external discovery, this can also be described as a year of questions or a year of curiosity
  7.     Spend more time with my daughter- talking, and exploring the world
  8.     Be able to actually afford an all-inclusive resort
  9.     Go to an all-inclusive resort
  10.     Take a road trip somewhere
  11.     Pay off debts or pay off some debts
  12.     Do some charity work, possibly with soup kitchens or food gatherers or such…
Stay Tuned... updates and new world's / reflections /opportunities abounds!


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