Monday, January 25, 2016

Ronda Roussey

A few sketch pitches with her:

Graverobbing- a why are you here scenario? Cast is sprinkled about a cemetery. Main character is a cop, making sure no one does any "weird stuff" but normal hijinx is "fine by me"

Re-enactment of Andy Kaufman fighting bout.

Regular sketch pitches for the week

Pizza makers- a story of a person who wanted certain topping on certain slices, they didn’t think they could make it but at the end they put their minds to it

Failed TV shows: White Cop Black People  (who thought that would be a good idea the LAPD?)

Ghost Mom- When Julie's horribly naggy mom died a horribly gruesome death, she thought her problems were over. Boy was she wrong. Now Julie's mom goes everywhere she goes in "Ghost Mom"

Looking busy - (a boss test okay, everyone looks busy)

Dance Club Boothwarmers- more of a concept, holding a booth at a club takes serious skill and concentration.  Maybe it's a commercial. 


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