Monday, February 11, 2013

Wanting to write for SNL or some paying sketch comedy TV gig… it’s important to keep up with the activity.  There isn’t a much better way than practicing to a standard, in this case I'll be using SNL's.  As mentioned in my writing goals list, SNL asks its writers to pitch sketch ideas on Monday and have fleshed out sketches early Wednesday morning.  So… every week I will try to pitch aboot 5-10 sketch ideas.  See what people think about them and choose 1-3 to write (everything depending on time).   

Pitches for this week!
  • Something to do with the Pope
    • Pope removal services
    • Someone trying to talk the Pope out of quitting
      • But you have the power to do this…
      • Have you done this yet? You might want to get that in.
    • Get the phrase “Pope-u-lar” somewhere
  • Misanthropic cat
  • A sketch titled Erectile Differences
  • A sketch based around these phrases:
    • “cream matter”
    • “bonus juice”
    • “pizza twirler”
    • “clink-sproing-tink-ahooga”
  • A sketch of a made up creature called a “Joblin”
  • Something revolving around the term “Non-fictionary”
  • A “Do you know what this person is really thinking?” game
  • Bully Town
  • Documenting the degeneration of a person that has just lost their cell phone
  • A woman with girlfriends trying to pick up pool men/boys
    • Possibly include the phrase, “want to take a ride in my wanna-bang-o?” 
There! I think that's ten... might even be fifteen. Or ten. 

Please give me feedback as to which sketch idea you'd like to see progress!

Also! The rest of this blog is still being filled in / worked on. Feel free to lookabout but don't judge too harshly.


  1. I want to see the Pope sketches...popeular lol. Also, the degeneration of a person that has just their cell phone and erectile differences. LOL.

  2. I always thought the pope looked like a vampire. Not one of the new fairy vampires in contemporary literature but the real monsters in the good old books.

  3. I love the Pope Sketches, someone trying to talk the Pope out of quitting, there's so many places that could go! HAHA, and Erectile Differences.
    These are great Jon!

  4. I'm pretty sure all cats are misanthropes but I will support any sketches about cats so that one and The cell phone one and the “Do you know what this person is really thinking?” game ... however I would really like to know what you thought "erectile differences" was going to be...I feel like you could combine it with the sketch about ladies trying to pick up a pool boy :P

  5. Thanks for all of the great comments! Definitely will have to work on the Pope biz. It certainly is... Pope-u-lar. Too soon?

    --Bob: hah, so you're saying Nosferatu-ish? Interesting!

    Cat Support, I like it.

    Pool Boy's Erectile Difficulties hmmm... "the way that's working I'm not sure you're going to be able to get all the leaves in that pool" OR "are you sure that's big enough to get all the leaves in the pool?"

    One day down, hopefully I'll be able to crank some things out tonight!