Monday, August 3, 2015

I’m still in the beginning phase of standup comedy but that doesn’t stop me from doing things people suggest waiting for, such as hosting an open mic on public access.  About once a month or so I pull in local comedians to do however many minutes. Most are beginners like me. I encourage audience members to come up and tell a joke or two because, why the (insert a noun like "balloons") not. I try to do about ten or fifteen minutes worth of new material each time. 

I want to put out as much content as possible, get some feedback, fine tune it later.  A number of the comedians come back to do the next show and the next and I like this feel.  If people were to watch consecutively, hopefully they would see the natural growth and development.    

People often ask me, is it hard producing, directing, hosting, and all of that?  And I say yes.  It would be nice to be able to be one of those people that just fills in a blank. “But of course, I’ll take that spot- you do the rest” But, whatever.  Some things I do or produce are limited in such regards. If I had X and X things would definitely look a lot closer to a B or B+ (I’m pretty sure). 

It’s cool to work with a number of people, reaffirm them that heck yes- you are talented and please come back. OR even, hell yeah, you bombed but this is a learning process, please get back up there.

With this in mind, here are two very early standup videos of mine:


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