Thursday, May 9, 2013

Photobulous Comics!

Never fails... I lose my appetite thinking about this. Other caption ideas: "that's what I had for breakfast" "just once I'd like it to be surprised by $100,000 in unmarked bills" "am I missing something erotic? no really because if there is..."



A man's gotta shave where a man's gotta shave: car, toilet, office, movie theater, during sex, whatever.  And the answer you're looking for is- yes to all of the above and it was fantastic.  No really, I do enjoy a nice shave while having the sex. Oh and running from the po-lice because there's nothing more exhilarating than a quick, close shave! (wah-wah, punny)


But seriously, watch out for "the sex-roofies" (other roofies you might have fun with, I don't know...). You should be able to notice them due to their natural absorbency in liquid and oft, sweet, sweet un-detectable taste. This strip came aboot while cleaning out my backpack because it gets... dirty. How and why and with what can be left up to your own imagination (when and where should be obvious, duh). 

Actually, my backpack is a portal to reality from which my inner slobbishness avails.  Mashed bananas? Old sandwiches? Cookies crushed into a fine powder? Allergy pills that've been there since last allergy season? None of these things have ever been in there. Ever, possibly, maybe.

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